Massage Therapy: A relaxing Way To Rejuvenate


Massage therapy is a form of bodywork that is used to perk up various functions within the body. Massage therapists influence the soft tissues in the body to sponsor relaxation and improved circulation by using their hands in a variety of different techniques.

There are many types of massages across the globe. Majorly, they can be classified into two styles. One is called clinical & the other one is relaxation style. The technique in which the massage is done gently is called Relaxation Style. Through this massage, stress is reduced, muscles are relaxed, pain is lessened, overall wellness is promoted & body fluids are moved to nourish cells. Common techniques to carry out with this type of massage are Directed breathing, Friction, Hand rolling, Holding, Percussion, Kneading with hands, Static compression- jostling, Vibration & Passive stretching.

The other one is a Clinical style of massage differs from relaxation as they focus on therapeutic goals like releasing muscle spasms or strengthening or stretching specific muscles affected by a wound. The most basic techniques to work this massage out are addition of hot or cold therapies, Compression-pumping, Kneading with hand pressure, Cross fibre friction, Direct pressure or Static Friction, Gliding-deep, Holding MFR, Percussion with stretch, Static compression, rolling, stretching by the therapist, Resistive stretching, Manually-directed stretching & others.

With all these benefits, massage is being looked at as a great alternative or rather complimentary technique to treat various diseases & disorders as well as to offer relaxation & comfort. Though, one can expect good results only when he is receiving it from a well-trained therapist.