How can we succeed in losing weight in the shortest time

Went to the onset of summer can show off our beautiful body of the time, but if the body is not good, are fat how to do. How can we succeed in losing weight in the shortest time, so I like a lot of people should very much like to know what the most effective weight-loss method.
So I’m going to tell you my personal experience. While I can not guarantee this weight-loss method is suitable for everyone, but at least I urge this approach has been successful downsizing of. From the original one hundred and twenty pounds into the present ninety-eight pounds, should still be very considerable. First, in order to lose weight, diet definitely pay attention to the above points. Or normal thing to eat, but like those puffed food, snack or something definitely not touched. Evening to eat to eat. But be sure to eat breakfast, or poor health.
Then is to exercise more. In fact, I exercise every day, there is only ten minutes, ten minutes, but it must be hard to practice, no matter how tired we must adhere to. This is my weight-loss methods.