Leading a Stress Free and Healthy Life with Massage Therapy

The healthcare experts and professionals, on the basis of several research studies, estimated that almost ninety percentage diseases now are stress related. In the modern living style and the new-age practices, it is more so lately that stress is an inevitable part of your daily life. In fact, nothing ages us quicker than stress, which exhaust humans from both inside and outside.

The bad effects of stress can affect many vital systems of the body as central nervous system, cardiovascular system, muscular system, reproductive system, respiratory system, lymphatic system, and the immune system. Stress can also cause hormone imbalances, which can-size down the libido, which may end up in infertility and many other such health troubles.

The impact of straining the parasympathetic nervous system is resulting in muscle and tendon tightness, which causes severe pain, muscle stiffness, as well as injuries. Stress can also disturb healthy breathing and can end up in troubles like shortness of breath and further resulting in muscle weaknesses with less oxygen supply.

The impact of stress on cardiovascular system can end up problems like high blood pressure and heart diseases, leading to heart attacks. There are other comorbidities also like diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity etc. also which has direct or indirect connection with stress. In order to cope with stress, there are many holistic modalities in practice including yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, and massage.

Massage therapy

Tantric Massage Hong Kong is proven to be a highly effective scheme in coping with stress, which helps in cutting out anxiety, de-stress muscles and body, and also enhance the quality of sleep. Sleep is considered to be an essential aspect, which help regain the health of body and mind. So, the most appropriate time to receive a massage is deemed to be just before going to sleep.

Some of the other major benefits of massage therapy include getting more energy, improve concentration, enhance blood circulation, and reduce fatigue. Therapeutic massaging can be useful in many other chronic health issues also like low-back pain, hormonal imbalances, poor posture, neck pain, migraine headaches, muscle sprains, restricted range of motion, sport injury treatments etc.

Massage is also known to improve the condition of the skin, body’s largest organ. However, while doing massaging, it is important to use natural oils and organic substances as skin absorbs these components, which will then be circulated through the bloodstream also. Massage can also help in increasing the flexibility of joints, decrease depression, promote regeneration of tissues, fade stretch marks and scar tissue marks, ensure good supply of oxygen and nutrients into cells and tissues or internal organs, and help keep the overall health intact for long.