we stand silently behind their parents give them a massage

Our parents rushing out to us every day, very hard. At home we can do a few things might not, but we can give our parents once a massage to relieve you relieve fatigue. Although this can not be good to do something to help the parents, but the parents make themselves feel very pleased.
After the parents work we give them prepare a cup of hot tea, and then let them sit at ease, ready to come up with feet of water. Let them bubble feet, then we stand silently behind their parents give them a massage, let them enjoy a little bit. Simply by pressing the shoulder, Chuichui back, then squeezed the arm can be. Although our approach is not so professional, but in my heart that the parents but also by them more comfortable than professional people.
We are still young, not much can do, until we grow up can make money when in addition to the parents to give their best in the future, but you often go home to their parents massage, to accompany their parents to chat days.